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The CEO of Worldwide Casino Host is a gentleman by the name of Frank Koupiaris, a seasoned Casino Executive with over 23 years of experience. Starting his casino career in Atlantic City in the year 1993, Frank quickly rose through the ranks of the casino to be one of its top producing executives. In order to grow his business and enhance his career he moved to Las Vegas in 1998 where he continued to excel at such properties as the Venetian and what was then the Las Vegas Hilton. In an effort to take better care of the growing book of high end clientele, Frank started Worldwide Casino Host in 2002. This move allowed him to take care of his clients at any casino in Las Vegas and around the world making him a virtual “One Stop Shop” when it came to booking any gaming excursion. Frank is known within the business as the executive that caters to some of the largest gamblers, celebrities and professional athletes in the world. Having this type of business, which is highly sought after by every casino, has allowed Frank to broker the most lucrative deals for his players when they travel to any casino of their choice around the world.
Office: 724-260-5061   •   Email: frank@worldwidecasinohost.net